I don’t recall many cold days in Los Angeles.  It has certainly never snowed, and there have only been a few occasions in my eight years here that I’ve equated the weather to being similar to conditions that I’d known on the East Coast.  However, the day we met French Horn Rebellion out in front of the iconic Satellite was one of those rare days where it was runny-nose-cold out.  It was I needed to buy a hot-chocolate-type cold.  Whatever though, when you live in places where it’s always warm it’s kind of a nice surprise to get some chilly weather. It’s a break in the routine, a change in the monotony.

Sort of like a band of dudes from Brooklyn by way of Milwaukee who roll up to the van and say “we’re a three piece electronic dance act, but I play the French horn.  We brought lights and a fog machine if you want to use those?”

Have you seen our van?  Of course we want lights and a fog machine. So queue the guy who looks like Hyde from That 70’s Show and let’s do the damn thing!