If memory serves me correct, the year was 2011 and the location was the now defunct Central Social Aid and Pleasure Club. We were working in Jam Van 1.0 with a very green crew, all of whom did not stick with us over time for various reasons. Among those reasons was the fact that they weren’t as exceptional at doing the job as our current crew is, and as a result we had some issues. One of those issues was that we lost an entire session from a very talented band, The Far West. It was a big time bummer for a lot of reasons. We were just starting up and budget was not in abundance, so wasting a shoot was less than ideal. Furthermore, The Far West are an exceptional band, we wanted to have their tunes in our at the time very small catalog as well as be able to promote a band of this quality. Well, we didn’t get to then, and although we tried and tried again for the better part of that year, it just didn’t work out. Well, these guys are still together, and here we are today able to finally say that this is The Far West, jamming in The Van, and it is heady!