I often joke on here about my bucket list, and certain things I want to do on it.  Alas, I don’t really have a list, although if someone wants to take me to The Gathering of the Jugaloos I will start one and check that off of it.  Instead I just have one thing I wanna do before my time riding around on these roads expires.  I want to be able to do and act however the hell I damn well please, for at least a year.

I’m not talking about this in the sense of like a dictator rape and pillage type situation.  I’m talking more in like the crazy old dude who yells at kids because he can yell at kids kind of way, but like a rich old dude.  I want to just not give a damn.  No appropriate or inappropriate, no people to impress, no cover letters, no minding where I scratch my ass, no proper times for drinking certain things, eating certain things, smoking certain things, no nothing.

Tony Magee, or The King of Lagunitas as I’ve taken to calling him, having seen his empire in all its grandeur, seems to me a man who has reached a point in life where he can do no wrong by himself.  He has achieved that nirvana of giving no fux.

Perhaps I’m speaking out of my ass a little here, I’ve only met the man once, it’s just the vibe I got from him, from his castle, from his loyal kingdom, and the wares that they produce.  It’s a place where good times are valued over a lot, and laughter is preferred to the alternative.  It’s the vibe I got when we filmed this session with him and his friend Chris.  You know, cause putting a camera on someone up close while they sing you stories is sometimes kind of telling.

So even if I’m wrong, and he’s all worry and no party, well then  he’s still a damn good dude, and his kingdom is still filled with damn good people, mighty tasty beer, and good tunes.  So really, what else is there to care about anyways?