Slotting into the middle position on our most jam packed Jam Van day, The Dustbowl Revival showed up with a large crew and even larger smiles. They checked their vibes, steadied their xi’s, balanced their chakras, and even admired our Maize and Blue balcony décor, and well, once you do that stuff, you can really do no wrong. Then of course they broke out the stand-up bass and the washboard and almost made Captain Jack cry with glee from the high he gets off of recording some brand new, never been jammed in a jam van before instruments. To top it all off, The Dustbowl Revival lays claim to Venice Beach as their home, and do you know what that makes them? LOCAL HOMEGROWN ORGANIC ALL NATURAL (DID I SAY LOCAL?) MUSIC MAKERS! We love LOCALS, and these merry minstrels are no exception.