When I think of The Diamond Light I think of the time we spent out in Joshua Tree with them and a few other select musicians fortunate enough to be a part of that weekend.  It was one of our more memorable sessions to date.  I mean, they’ve all been great, but there was just something in the water that day.  It was so very dead on for what it was meant to be, and so it sticks in the mind so well, because it was as we would have imagined it and so we remember it as it was, so well.

So when I ran into Brian, bassist for the band at The Moon Block Party, and he told me that they had new tunes in the works and wanted to get back in The Van, well, we just had to oblige that, you know, see if lightning could strike twice.  To that, it wasn’t really the same type of scene, and the magic was different, but hell, they came out to Torrance, and made magic in a very moderately exciting front yard.  Which kind of leads me to believe that they can make magic anywhere…  Ya dig?