Every festival we go to seems to have a parade. A congregation of people ducking behind costumes and floats, all for the sake of flash, and color, and smiles, and fun. A parade’s purpose is to make people happy.

The Parade at High Sierra Music Festival is a tradition. They’ve been doing it for years and years. They love the costumes and floats that make the parade the spectacle that it is. The Giant Jerry Garcia heads, and fairies on stilts, the drummers with painted faces, and little children carrying sparkling streamers, anyone is welcome to join in on the fun.

A parade only lasts as long as the route that it runs. Then all of the magical components get boxed back up, stored away in some locker or barn to collect dust until the next year, when some excited dreamer comes to crack open their tomb and bring them back to life to dance happiness in the streets one more time.

Music and parades, they kind of play in similar sandboxes. Both bring joy, both can have a hint of magic in them at all times. The David Mayfield Parade get’s the necessity for that magic, and they don’t stash their costumes away at the end of the show.