So some of the Jam Van Crew were at a party, it was a college party. Now we’re not saying we should have or shouldn’t have been there, all’s we’re sayin’ is we were there. Now the key point to this, is that sometimes you’re in places where you perhaps shouldn’t be,* when things take place that were meant to be. This particular thing to which I reference was the simple act of saying to the dude standing next to us on a rather rickety-old balcony “yo man, this band is pretty good, do you know what they’re called?” Dude actually had no idea, but being the sleuths that we are, we asked another head, and then another, and then finally figured out that those fellas on the stage were called the “Damn Sons” and well, you know the next natural progression from that point, get those Sons in the Damn Van! So it was, that the Sons came to Jam in the Van, and Jam it they did. If you like gritty guitar and musicians that give it their all, then click play and hold on.

*There are no age restrictions to college parties mind you.