Recently I reunited with a homie of mine from college whom I hadn’t seen in about five years. The last time we kicked it we were driving Jam Van 1.0 down to Austin, TX for our first ever SXSW and actually our first ever real road trip in The Van. That trip, which I’ve described at length on this site, turned out to be one of the worst travel experiences of my life and almost killed JITV before it really even got started, but the encounter which I’m referencing here, was at the front end of the ride. We were stopping over in Phoenix to meet up with the band, The Stone Foxes, to record a session outside of the Crescent Ballroom, and we had a few hours to kill. So we met up with my buddy at his house where we hopped in his swimming pool and ate some burgers. It was good to catch up then as I hadn’t seen the dude in quite some time. He was just entering law school and I was just starting to figure out how to get as far away from my job at a law firm as possible. The Jam Van was still this very new concept that not even I had my head around yet. So it was in a tricky stage for explaining what exactly we were going to do with it and where we were going with it.

Flash-forward five years. I hadn’t seen this same buddy since that encounter in Phoenix. In that time span a lot had transpired both in our lives and in the life of the Jam Van. So we met up over at our new JITV HQ in West LA. This go around he was a lawyer who also owned an art gallery and I was fully able to explain what we were doing with Jam in the Van as a business. It was a good feeling. Knowing where we’d come from and where we’re at right now. It’s a sense of accomplishment that I highly recommend seeking out.

I say this all in regards to The Black Angels because this friend of mind is a huge fan. When we met up he had just seen a show of theirs in Phoenix and he was telling me about it. I said, “that’s cool, we were just in Austin, TX hanging out with them and filming them. They have a wheaten terrier too.” It blew his mind. College was fun, but rock and roll is a blast!