By the time Tess Henley arrived most of the congregation from the Mt. Hebron Baptist Church in South Central Los Angeles had dispersed for the evening. Where earlier in the day there had been a flock of young children and their chaperones giggling and playing catch and bouncing around to the music, now there was only the silence of the Los Angeles night. To say we weren’t in the best neighborhood was an understatement. Nightfall and the abscence of our hosts put us all a little on edge in that parking lot. Misguided discomfort or not, we were all relieved when Tess began to sing. You see, we’re of the strong belief that nothing bad can happen to you when you’re surrounded by such soulful sounds. Again, misguided or not, that’s the belief we were working under, and we’re here to tell the tale and show you the tunes, so we couldn’t have been all wrong.