My memories from college, although not that long ago, were consistently cloudy pretty much the day after I made them. Yet I can in all honesty say that I remember a distinct period of time where Tea Leaf Green played in major recurrence on the soundtrack for whatever mischief I was getting into during my coed days. They had one song in particular, “Pretty Jane,” off of their album Taught to be Proud which I was captivated by. One of those gets in your head and won’t come out for a minute type of tunes. It got me hooked on their music.

It’s a sound unique in itself, there’s no other jam band that I would compare them to, they are their own entity within a heady world. So I dug it then, and I still dig it now, and I’m not gonna tell you how long of a time that’s been, but it’s long enough that I can say I was pretty damn excited that they came to Jam in the Van at SXSW. It wasn’t exactly like meeting my childhood heroes, because John Starks doesn’t play an instrument, but it was like meeting some dudes who I only knew in terms of their sound, but like, their sound had played during such important moments of my life, that it had become something more than just a band. So yeah, like meeting some dudes who played on the soundtrack of my life, chachy as that may sound. The fact that they were doing it in a Jam Van that we’d created, well, hell, that’s why we built the beast. Full circle. Lovely, just lovely.