There’s always got to be a first. Somebody’s got to lead the charge. Somebody’s gotta be a guinea pig. Thanks Tauk, y’all handled that quite well. You see, Tauk drove down from New York City, wearing Knicks gear and all, and they stepped right into Jam Van 2.0 before any other band had. They broke the seal. They helped us breathe easy. Because while we were still heavy inside from the death of Jam Van 1.0, we could rest peacefully on her memories now that we knew 2.0 was fit to carry the legacy. Fit to capture the same great sounds, produce the same great images.

2.0 got us to Tennessee with less breakdowns than Jam Van 1.0 had getting out of the driveway, every-time. For while she was a faithful ship, she was a cranky broad. So miss her we did, but move on we must. Tauk, a fitting starting point. An experimental group for an experimental project. Both experiments having proved to be successful on their individual paths, when combined, provided for a trippy reaction.

I recommend trying these songs out when you’re looking to float about. Perhaps on a Sunday afternoon. Perhaps late at night. Whenever will work, it should all have the desired effect. You’ll take a ride, it’ll flow. That’s what we do, free rides, you just gotta close your eyes, let the music get you where you want to go.