It’s wild how nonchalantly The Stooges go about showing up to Jam in the Van. They’ve done it twice now, and while some of the parts that hopped in the van have shifted, the smoothness hasn’t skipped a beat. This after all is just another gig in a life full of gigging. Their instrument cases are extensions of their bodies. Carrying them from juke joint to juke joint is as commonplace as getting out of bed each morning. So when they slide up to the van, some riding together, others on skateboards or bikes, others getting dropped off by their women, it’s just like any other day. Gig to gig, party to party, they’ve got to keep the funky going, because if they don’t somebody else will.

So while it’s wild to watch them roll up like it ain’t no thing, it’s even wilder to watch them get down, yah feel me?