Well, that was fast wasn’t it? 2015 I mean. That one flew on by quicker than I could ever have imagined it would. Now we’re looking ahead to 2016, and all signs are pointing to a really exciting year for JITV. We’re going to do more than we’ve ever done before. We’ll be at more places and work with more musicians than ever, and we’re downright giddy about it. This will also be the first full year for Jam Van 3.0. Here’s to hoping she survives it, I know we’re going to put her through a lot. So this session right here is kind of like the maiden voyage of 2016. Soren Bryce then gets to be the lady smashing the bottle of bubbly over the front bumper. Because once these tracks drop, we’re off and running and we are definitely not looking back. So buckle-up, it’s going to be a bumpy ride. Expect lots of heady music and good times, and for 2016 to feel like it flew by even faster than 2015… if that’s possible. Giddy-up!