After having worked with the fine folks at The Lagunitas Brewing Company for the past couple of years we’ve learned several things about them. They like beer. They like beards. They like eating. They like music. Oh, and they really know how to party!

So if Lagunitas likes a band, and they like them enough to have them at their Couch Trippin to SXSW Party then it’s a safe bet that we’re going to dig that band too. So that’s the case with Sonny and the Sunsets. I’d known of them for a while, but we’d never crossed paths. Then they went Couch Trippin’, and we went Couch Trippin’ and so we figured, hey if we’re trippin’ together, then we really should just go all in and Jam in the Van. So here you have it. Sonny and the Sunsets, in The Van before they played inside the Lagunitas Couch Trippin’ Party, because if we’d filmed them after, I’m not quite sure it would have gone as smoothly. Like I said, Lagunitas really knows how to party, like really, really, knows how to party.