Holy cow, last time we hung with Smooth Hound Smith I was in my 20’s and we were parked on the corner of Abbot Kinney and Main St. in Venice, CA at an event thrown by my arch nemesis from college, Matt Kline, who was at the time running for Venice City Counsel. Why we were at an event for my arch nemesis, I do not know. I’m pretty sure it was solely because the location was killer. I remember that I voted against him all the same, but he ended up winning all the same. Damn the democratic process sometimes! I also remember that my dog, RZA, was a much younger and less well-trained pooch at the time and he decided he was going to chase a ball into the street and almost got crushed by a car or two.

All the while Smooth Hound Smith were setting up their two man (err… one man, one woman) show in the parking lot. Zach with his kick-drum and guitar and Caitlyn with her tambourine, it really fit in quite nicely with the vibe that day. Not the Kline thing, he’s a scumbag and all bad vibes… but rather, the people hanging out in a parking lot drinking beer and listening to music. That’s our vibe and in the years since we’ve managed to grow it big enough to where we don’t need to piggy back off of other people’s events. Now we’ve got our own bigger, better events, like the shindig we threw down in Austin, TX. So what a lovely way to come full circle and have Smooth Hound Smith come to hang out with us at the mansion on the lake. They still had their guitar and tambourine and we still had our Jam Van, albeit a bigger, better, Jam Van. Here’s to hoping we don’t wait another five years to do it again.