Do you realize that people camp out for The Rose Bowl Parade? I have never spent a lot of time in Pasadena until Live on Green 2015, but having now seen it for myself, people camped out a full 24 hours before the parade began, and not just like five people. No, it was a lot of people. Adults, kids, teenagers, all bundled up (cause it was kind of chilly in LA this year) and sitting on the Pasadena sidewalk. Some had chairs, others had air mattresses, none of the situations looked enjoyable to me, but to each their own, right? My preference was to be hanging a few blocks down the street listening to Smoke Season Jam in the Van, which was far warmer than the side of Colorado Blvd.. However, if you were camped out for the parade, or just not next to The Van at the moment of this recording, well, you’re in luck… you will never need to camp out to see a Jam in the Van Session, I promise.