Right now, as I type this out, MEAR ONE is outside the window from where I’m sitting wearing a full on space suit looking get-up, spraying clear coat on the entire Jam Van. He’s doing this because he has just completed the headiest psychedelic mural to ever be painted on a Jam Van in the history of Jam Vans ever… and that’s an understatement.

The old van was pretty cool. Jules Muck did a nice job with it. We had fun with it. However, much like Jam Van 1.0 and 2.0, those paint jobs were starter versions. As we’ve grown up as a company, so too has our paint job. We’re now functioning on the intergalactic level. Henceforth, all musicians who step inside of this vehicle will be transported into the intergalactic vision that MEAR ONE has crafted upon its walls. We’re really going to need to buckle up from here on out, because we’re going to be dodging trippy meteors and planets from here on out. Pray for us as we travel through Texas in this masterpiece. Something tells me the local bumfuck sheriffs aren’t going to understand the depths of this creation. Oh well, we’re just going to have to flip the warp-speed switch, blast the photon-torpedos and slide into another dimension. We came for rock and roll, and now we’re a shooting star. Believe in your dreams, they’re what makes the earth orbit.