SECOS is an alternative rock band from Las Vegas, Nevada. The Mexican American group fuses their sound with influences from iconic acts like Interpol, Franz Ferdinand, The Strokes, and Arctic Monkeys. They embrace the garage rock revival and indie rock sounds that resonate with their ’90s upbringing. SECOS explores themes of love, desire, and despair while channeling the energy of the city of sin.

The band is proudly independent and has written, played, and produced their own music and merchandise. They launched Pineapple Fest, a local artist-focused festival in 2022.

SECOS has enjoyed remarkable milestones, including a performance at the prestigious 2022 Life Is Beautiful Festival and a standout performance in Jam in the Van. Their music has resonated with audiences far and wide, including being featured during the electrifying games of the Las Vegas Golden Knights.

With their independent ethos and sonic mastery, SECOS is set to reverberate throughout the alternative rock scene.