We didn’t get a blueprint on how to do this. Essentially we started sketching an idea, and over time the lines have gotten darker, what we’re building has become more clear. We’re taking advantage of this era of connection that we’re living in. We slapped solar panels on our box with wheels, and it opened the world to us. There is no limit to where we can record music. We can capture tunes anywhere and throw them up into the inter-webs where they can reach out to every other part of the globe. Reading the comments written in broken-English on the Jam in the Van YouTube channel is always gratifying. They’re evidence that we’re sending these sounds across the world and back. They’re writing to us, we’re connected, and our story is now one that they know.

They’re all stories. Some ain’t as good as the others, but they’re all stories. Oh what an amazing time we live in where we can make these stories and share them with such simplicity. How we’re lucky enough to be alive now and experiencing it, there’s no making sense of that. The reality of the world is that most things don’t make sense. Why do you scratch an itch? Why do you cry when you’re sad? Why do people do horrible things? If you really start thinking about everything in a way that might be scary to think in you start questioning everything, and nothing can make sense if you don’t want it to.

So our blueprint to tackle these conundrums, our guide, is to drive around in our solar powered hippie-van, stopping to meet people like Sean Hayes, and listening to them pick a guitar for an hour or so, sing a few songs, and then sending that out to the infinite, to live forever on the internet, a space that of course makes no sense. We think it’s pretty magical, and at it’s base, every magic trick can be explained, so then it all makes sense to us, you get it?