When I was a kid my pops got me a poster of a Dalmation with neon colored spots on it. The caption under the dog read “dare to be different.” I guess in the mix of all the basketball and Beavis and Butthead posters that were on the walls the Dalmation puppy kind of stood out. That was probably dad’s point though, it wasn’t that he wanted his son to have a picture of a cute puppy on his walls, it was the line, “dare to be different” that I was supposed to focus on.

So here you’ll find something that’s a little off from our norm, it’s got a little more doot-doot, deet-deet than we usually dabble in, a few more synths, etc. etc.. So we put our own touch on it. Threw our trippy lights on and made that van get dissonant as hell. So, it’s not a puppy dog poster, but it’s got some neon spots. Dare to be different with us, it’ll be fun.