Have not seen this dude in a few years. The last time we were at Bonnaroo, all of us, Rayland included, were much younger, much more naive. It was also a lot hotter out, The Van didn’t have AC and we were certainly not at a mansion on Lake Travis in Austin, TX with unlimited tacos and a wide variety of beverages to choose from. In fact, the only things that were the same was the beer, Lagunitas of cours, and a few of the people, Rayland Baxter included, of course.

If I had to pick which experience was better, I’d say neither, because they were both perfect in their own ways. Obviously the mansion and all the amenities we had this go around made it pretty awesome, but if not for all those early sessions in the heat with no AC we would never have gotten to a point where we could create something as special as the JITV X GQ Artist House. So it was pretty special to have some of the artists who have been in The Van before all of the success come to join us in Texas. Because they were all a really big part of the reason why we are where we are today. So thanks Rayland, see you in a few years when we have a Jam Jet.