I did not realize that Rainey Qualley was Andy McDowell’s daughter until after her Jam in the Van Session when I was browsing her Instagram profile. I say this not to point out that she is the offspring of a famous actress, but because she’s from Asheville, NC. She, like myself, grew up for the later part of her childhood in the mountains of Western North Carolina. I don’t believe we went to the same high school, but I’m sure we knew a lot of the same places and remember lot of the same things that we did as kids in the region. That probably means very little to most of you, unless of course you’re Ashevillians yourselves. However, if you like Rainey’s music, and more importantly, her Jam in the Van Session, it could be a good thing. Because now that I know she’s from Ashvegas I definitely want to get her back in the Jam Van so that we can have that conversation that we didn’t get to have this go around.