Introducing Posey La Fleur, the indie-rock sensation hailing from the San Fernando Valley. Posey’s musical journey began in local venues during their teenage years, culminating in the formation of the acclaimed band Deluna in Berkeley, California, in 2015. After relocating to Los Angeles in 2020, Posey embarked on a solo venture, releasing three hit singles while collaborating with notable artists like Elizabeth Woolf and Stupid Hobby.

Despite facing challenges as a female bassist and singer songwritter, including a trademark dispute that briefly halted their music’s digital distribution, Posey persevered, rebranding as Posey La Fleur and debuting new material in November. Currently, Posey is gearing up for the re-release of previous singles alongside fresh tracks under the new moniker.

Rooted in a passion for storytelling and social commentary, Posey’s songwriting reflects personal experiences and broader cultural narratives. Their work aims to capture moments in time, evoking relatable emotions and sparking connections with listeners. For Posey, music is a collaborative journey, an opportunity to craft art that resonates long beyond their time, fueled by a deep appreciation for the transformative power of love in all its forms.