Somewhere in the electric space between Tom Petty’s no-nonsense hooks and Queen’s extravagant solos, Plastic Harpoons carve out a sound that’s unmistakably their own. This Santa Barbara outfit isn’t just a band—they’re a revival, a breath of fresh air in an era that’s desperate for the raw, unpolished energy of true rock ‘n’ roll. With a line-up boasting dual guitars, keys, bass, and drums, they don’t merely hint at nostalgia—they catapult listeners back to a time when music was about flesh-and-blood musicians in a room, jamming out riffs they genuinely love.

Plastic Harpoons’ sonic tapestry weaves the textures of Indie Rock with threads of Classic Rock, Americana, and Pop. It’s a laid-back yet punchy concoction, brewed under the sun-soaked skies of Southern California. Their eclectic influences range from the whimsical echoes of Dr. Dog and the storytelling prowess of Bob Dylan to the timeless drive of The Rolling Stones and the operatic grandeur of Queen. Toss in some modern vibes from Mt. Joy, Lord Huron, Fruit Bats, and Houndmouth, and you’ve got a sound that’s both refreshing and familiarly nostalgic.

Their debut album, “Modern World,” was crafted at the legendary Savannah Studios in Los Angeles. It didn’t take long for Lolipop Records to see the potential in these rock revivalists, snapping them up for a deal that would lead to their album dropping on November 30th. With a tour brewing for early 2023, Plastic Harpoons are gearing up to take their evocative, genre-blending sound on the road, bringing the spirit of classic American rock back to life, one riff at a time.