A lot of times when we ask rappers to Jam in the Van they ask us how much we’re paying for the set.  Of course, we don’t pay folks to perform in The Van.  Rather, we provide artists with a set of professionally recorded and edited music videos and promotion for their music so that hopefully they can be compensated by their live shows and album sales.  If that’s not good enough compensation for you, well, then we suggest you find another vehicle to spit your bars out of.  However, if money isn’t your only prerequisite, and your art is your preferred area of emphasis, well then we’ve got plenty of space for creativity and we find that our interior lends itself quite well to hip-hop performances.  It’s kind of like a blank canvas for a rapper to spit upon.  You can move about The Van in whatever manner you prefer.  We’ve had performers stand still and elocute with their hands and we’ve had ones who jumped all over The Van and sprayed water everywhere.  You can also provide your backing track however you’d like.  We’ve had rappers come in and plug in their I-Phones directly to the board and that’s all they needed.  We’ve had rappers show up with full horn sections and backing bands, or deuling violinists, anything is possible.  Mike Eagle did it his own way, which as you will see, is unlike anyone else who has come before him, which is as it should be.  Take a blank canvas, make a rap song.  You dig?