Omoghéné is a singer, songwriter, and poet who is pressed on challenging conventional thinking. Her debut single “Every Day is My Birthday” is a great introduction to her unique sound, bubbly personality, and is a sneak peak of what is to come from her upcoming music. “I may not be what you think when you see me” she sings, expressing her constant battle with being herself despite society’s standards of image, size, race, and art. Her sound is in a category of its own with a mix of acoustic neo soul, R&B, and a pop twist that showcases her church upbringing and Nigerian-American roots. The Urhobo name “Omoghéné” is translated in English as “God’s Child.” It is a constant reverence to God and honors the Nigerian background of her parents. Omoghéné now turns her life experiences and simple interactions, good or bad, into catchy melodies and relatable lyrics that captures the heart of her audience. Her soft tone is a great compliment to her soulful lyrics that express the consciousness needed to find one’s happiness, independence, and self-confidence.