If you ever drive the 10 Freeway between El Paso and Tucson, you pass a roadside attraction called “The Thing.” It’s located conveniently enough in a gas station with a Dairy Queen attached to it. On the ride home from Austin we stopped for gas and DQ and I snuck in to see what The Thing was all about. No way I was paying $5.00. Anyways, long story short, (SPOILER ALERT) there’s some cool dinosaur statues and a fake alien in a glass case, which is The Thing. Totally worth it if you go in when the ticket taker isn’t at their seat and you don’t pay. Totally not worth it if you do pay. We ended up spending our money on fireworks swords that they had in the gift shop. A much better purchase. I recommend all touring artists get gas at The Thing gas station, especially if you’re from somewhere like Australia, like Oh Pep! Stop, get gas, do a little people watching and get a fireworks sword, the American dream.