“Just like a regular old nobody…”

That’s The NOBUNNY’s line. Of course there are deeper meanings behind that, and it’s all very thought out and metaphorical. As you’d expect anything from a grown man dressed in a rabbit mask and his skivvies to be.

He’s not a nobody though. So don’t believe the hype. He’s a dude that’s clearly got issues, just like every damn one of us, and this is his way of expressing those. Power to the NOBUNNY man. Cause ain’t nobody doing what he does. There is no other. He don’t wear skinny jeans and sing shit that sounds the same as the next dude in skinny jeans. In fact, he don’t wear no jeans at all.

Here’s the part where I tell you that most of us could use a little run around in our undies and head-bang time. So come rage with a full grown bunny for a little while. It’s gonna feel good, you know it will.