Where’s that dude who made the comment on our YouTube channel about us keeping it tame lately?! This session goes out to you my dude! It also goes out to that tool bag from years ago who tried to tell us we couldn’t track a thrash band (I believe at the time the band in question was Stab City) inside of The Van. This guy was a wanna-be agent type who wore pants that he must have needed a shoe-horn to pull on. I don’t think I heard or saw too much of him after that evening, but I do know that we tracked the shit out of that session and that we’ve successfully tracked any and every type of band that has stepped inside of our now quite well renowned studio. My point here is not to make a slight at a chach who wore tight pants (well, maybe a little)… but instead to point out that we’ve never in our five year history made it a habit of stating that we “can’t” do something. We are a “can-do” operation. Don’t ever forget that… and one thing that we can do really well is have fun. These videos should be pretty solid evidence of that!