Small world type shit happened once upon a time in Telluride, CO. Well, really it happened first on Twitter, where a simple tweet about the Jam Van coming to Telluride Blues and Brews Festival prompted me to reply to the tweeter @HartRoberts, “Yo, same Hart Roberts from Camp Seagull?”

Yes, I went to an all boys sailing camp nestled in Arapahoe Island, North Carolina, and yes, this was the same Hart Roberts who was my bunkmate in Cabin 65 circa 1997. So we met up in Telluride, and it turned out he was moving to Atlanta, so when we ventured that way I sent my old camp pal a text asking if he knew of any cool bands in the area. Well, he said New Madrid was a must catch for us. So when fate puts you back in touch with an old camp friend via the millions on millions of people tweeting on Twitter, you listen when he recommends a band. Have a little dose of coincidence with your coffee this morning!