We’re starting to slide into our new HQ. There’s some furniture in there, a couple rugs. We even got our X-Box set up. It’s definitely starting to look like somewhere cool that you’d want to hang out. The cooler it gets, the crazier it gets for us, the folks that have been hanging out since day one, when just getting everything on tape was important. The productions at this point are second nature. Our crew’s got it down. A guy like Myke Terry shows up, they get the vibe, figure, let’s light it just right, to get that extra emotion, and they already know what they have to do for that, because they’re pros. They handle business, Myke looks good, we look good, the videos look good, and I didn’t have to get up from the couch or pause my game of Madden with The Wolf once! Cheers to movin’ on up!