What a wonderful whimsical worry-free world you are Burgerland.  Your citizens bow to no king, but instead to rock and roll.  They roam throughout your land bearing the badges of their devotion to the kingdom.  Buttons, piercings, tattered rags, and even worse tattered tattoos.  They throw themselves off of platforms to proclaim their honor.  Diving into the outstretched arms of their cohorts they look up to the heavens as arms carry them directionless over the mass.  This is knighthood.  Bravery matched only by late night beer runs, hopping of fences, and feet faster than security guards, a sworn enemy.  This is glory in your glorious realm.  Burger Records, you are a fair lord, and your chivalry is rewarded by a kingdom that rages with the many sounds of the rock and roll soul.  Shred on Burger Warriors, your time is always.