“My other ride is a Moon Taxi.” There’s a sticker on one of the inside walls of the Van that says as much now. A stamp, a semi-permanent mark, a tag. We’re cool with it. We’ll let it ride. These dudes were alright by us.

We drank some beers, lounged in some bean bags, enjoyed the Tennessee Summer. That’s their Summer, they’re from Nashville, a quick hop from the Farm, a city known for it’s music. these fellas grew out of that. You can hear it in their twang, in the ease with which they harmonize. Southern gentlemen with gritty sneers. There’s a simplicity to the South that you don’t find anywhere else. It comes out in the music, that’s why it’s so good to play it on a back-porch. It kind of makes things real easy, like it’s only the back-porch that you need to be worrying about, nothing else.

So we’ll let the sticker stay. I can’t guarantee that it won’t get covered up, but I promise we ain’t gonna scratch it off. We like taking things easy, and we like to ride taxis to the moon.