moe. is kind of a big deal… In anticipation of this shoot we had a “Fan in the Van” contest where one lucky head would be given the opportunity to be INSIDE The Van during their performance. The number of entries we got was overwhelming… But only one fan could win. We chose Kim from Uncle John’s Outfitters because her Instagram page made it clear she knew how to keep it #HEADY. Turns out Kim’s husband works with the band so she probably could have been in The Van anyway but that’s how it goes… Then we posted the address of the shoot online, only to realize that was a bad idea because a bunch of Moe heads would show up. But it was ok because only two randoms showed up. They brought their dog (who got along well with RZA) and wore all tie die Moe merchandise. In fact this dude proposed to his wife at a Moe. show in Costa Rica. True love at it’s finest.