When I was a kid we had an apartment over our garage that we used as a sort of “clubhouse” for my friends and I. We had many a cigar smoke filled poker game up there when it was warm enough, and I tried my best to make it look cool, like a clubhouse in the movies might look. However, being a kid, I didn’t really have any money of my own, and my folks certainly weren’t going to spend money on a hangout for my friends and I, so I ended up with a few random posters on the walls, a dart board and a ping-pong table and some mismatched chairs. Nevertheless, we had a fair amount of good times in that musty apartment, and it was a place where we could go to escape parental supervision, which was the most important feature of them all.

When we started JITV we didn’t realize that it was going to take legs like it has. So the notion of having our own Jam Van Clubhouse wasn’t really something on our minds. However, as those of you who have followed us for a while know, we’ve gotten a little too big for the backyard at this point, and we needed somewhere to park and film, so we thought “why not get ourselves a headquarters?” Thus we set about trying to find a permanent home for the Jam Van in Los Angeles.

Our first attempt was a bit of a swing and a miss. We took on way too much space in a warehouse that could fit about fifty Jam Vans inside of it. So we learned from that one and came to the conclusion that what we really needed was not something gigantic like a warehouse, but rather a clubhouse of sorts, where we could hang out with the bands we work with and park the Jam Van. So this go around we got it right. An awesome building on the West Side of Los Angeles with a parking lot that fits our beast (by a few inches), and a whole lot more bells and whistles then the apartment above my parents’ garage ever had… It’s awesome, a childhood dream come true.

All of this is to say that Miranda Lee Richards was the lucky musician who got to break the new space in for us, and it was also awesome. So now who’s going to be the first one to lose to me at ping-pong here?!