These cats are from Tijuana, which, if you’ve ever been to Tijuana, you will know is a pretty far out place, no doubt full of inspiration for a trio of kids looking to ride their music out of town. Now, I’m just assuming they want to ride out, basing it on the notion that most musicians are looking to get away and on the road. That’s the gig if you will… and if you’re starting in TJ, well, it seems to me that’s all the more reason to hop in the van and make tracks.

To that effect, it seems like these kids are making pretty good time of things. I’m shit for telling how old people are anymore (high school kids look like they’re 25 nowadays), but Mint Field looks pretty damn young. So playing at Coachella this year looks to be a pretty big accomplishment. Not that it isn’t always such, but if you’re super young, well, you get what I’m going for… so we’re feeling fortunate to catch these kids on the way up. They’ve got an extremely unique style and sound, one that comes perhaps from an extremely unique upbringing in an extremely unique place. I’m a novice when it comes to the music scene down in Mexico, and by novice I mean that I know nothing of it. So if this is an entr√© into what we can expect to find down there, perhaps it’s time to renew my passport and head south of the border… you know, before shit-head builds a wall (ed. note: praying that doesn’t happen).