Question: How you gonna fit five musicians in a Jam Van?

Answer: We’re gonna wake up early in the morning on Sunday, Milo Greene is gonna swing over from the Eastside of Los Angeles, and we’re gonna figure this one out on the fly.

Yep, that’s right, this was literally our biggest test so far. We’d done 4 musicians in a Jam Van, but Milo rolls with 5, and you know what? We’re ok with that. The band showed up 30 minutes early, and what band does that unless they’re really serious about their tunes? So we knew we had no choice but to make this one special. Thereby we did how we do, and we made it happen, and the sound was indeed oh-so-nice, oh-so-ethereal, oh-so-Jam Van perfect.

Now you do how you do, and hit play, so that Milo Greene can show you how to fill a Jam Van with harmony. You’re gonna be screaming “I’ll Go, I’ll Go, I’ll Go, I’ll Go, I’ll,” and then the Jam Van’s gone take you away… Don’t get my drift yet? Then do as I say! Hit that play!!!