It took me a minute to notice it, the strange computer/guitar hybrid.  To this day I still don’t know what it is.  I suppose I could have asked or Googled, but I prefer to just be in awe.  It’s straight out of Back to the Future, which means we must be living in the future, which is trippy to say the least.   Every year stuff starts looking more and more like the way people who make movies imagined that it would look.  All the screens and neon colors, computers that talk to you, robots, technology is moving at an unprecedented rate.  It’s a bit overwhelming to think about where we’ll be ten years from now.  Computers will no doubt be lodged inside of our eye balls, and we may or may not be using the three sea shells method from Demolition Man.

Yet I bet when we take stock of it, down the line, you know, when we’re flying around on skyways instead of driving on the 405, and people are watching hologram movies that pop up out of their floors, I bet music’s still going to be music.  Sure we may make it with computers and laser beams, but that’s not going to change what it does for us.  It’ll still go in your ears and wrap around your brain and spin you around on the balls of your feet.  In short, it will still make you dance.  So bring on the computer guitars and the light machines, rock and roll is timeless, the dancing won’t never stop.