You gotta respect a man who loves his mama as much as Lukas Nelson does. I know this only by observation, as he’s had his mother, Annie, by his side for all but one of his Jam in the Van performances. This go-around she was working double duty as both mom and “momager,” and she was on it. That release form got fully read, if you know what I mean. I am a mama’s boy myself, and if my mom could, she’d be my momager as well, so I dig seeing it. We don’t get enough moms at Jam in the Van sessions, and moms are the best. Hell, there wouldn’t be a Jam Van for Lukas to jam in if it hadn’t been for our moms’ support over the years. Jam Van’s don’t grow on trees you know.

At any rate, in this case, the momager is doing a fantastic job. Because even as Lukas gets bigger and bigger (the guy plays guitar for Neil Young ya’heard?!) he stays just as humble and chill as the first time we encountered him. I know a mother’s touch when I see it, and the Nelson clan’s got a good one. They’re also pretty damn good at rock and roll. Mom’s like to party too, you best believe.