I recall seeing LP backstage at Bonnaroo in 2013. I didn’t know who she was at the time, and backstage at festivals you can often confuse artists for non-artists and vice-versa, but I remember being impressed with how such a diminuitive in stature person was carrying herself in such a boldly-confident manner. I thought to myself, I know this is not Bob Dylan, but she really has that same kind of swagger about her. A small entorage was tailing her around and she just seemed like she was a step ahead of everyone behind her, which is why they were behind her I guess… Anyways, I didn’t figure out who she was until I heard that one song she had a couple years back that made the rounds in television commercials. You know, the one that was so good that it would make you go and look up whose song it was. So yeah, I looked it up and said to myself, “oh, that’s who that was backstage at Bonnaroo.” So here we are a few years later, she’s still carrying around that same confidence, still reminding me of Bob Dylan. Funny how things work out sometimes.