So this one was kind of an anniversary of sorts. You see, it was pretty much a year to the day that we first shook hands with Marcus Leeman and Richard Love, the two friends who were and are the heart and soul of Love and the Zealous. At the time of our first encounter they were just a band who had entered our SXSW contest and had come in third place. However, we didn’t agree with the third place finish. We had become smitten with Richard Love’s voice and the band’s combo of powerful soul backed by gritty southern guitar rock. Since the competition was an online vote and these fellas are literally from the middle of nowhere in Texas, they didn’t have the proper following to round up enough online support. So we said screw the vote, we’re inviting you out to Jam in the Van all the same. So they showed up to our first ever JITV X GQ Artist House and hung out for a day. Towards the end of that day I got a quick moment to chat with Marcus about the state of the band, where they came from, and where they were going.

After that day we kept tabs on them for the following couple of months, every once in a while checking in with a call or email. Then when we were confident in our belief that not only was their music worth our time, but that their effort and desire to succeed and work as a band matched the strength of that music and of Richard’s voice, we decided to bring them out to California and start working with them as their managers.

Somewhere along the way we got to know these dudes and started to call them not just our clients but our good friends. So this session right here marks a year since we’ve been hanging with our homies, Love and the Zealous. They’ve seen a big chunk of the world that they’d never seen before in that short year, and hopefully this is just the beginning.