More than likely you have not heard this band before. Which maybe can be said about a large number of the bands we showcase on here, but for the most part, somebody has heard of them, most of them. This band however, I doubt it. They’re from somewhere that might be as close to nowhere as somewhere can be, and they’re pretty hidden on the internet. We ourselves wouldn’t have had the opportunity to hear one of the finest voices we’ve come accross in our travels, had they not signed up for our SXSW contest. Unfortunately, in contests, only one can be the winner, and online voting doesn’t always play fair. Fortunately, in our contests not only the winner gets a prize, and we reward talent where we see fit, and this certainly was a fit. So we said you boys get a session too, as long as you can get to Austin in time. Get there they did, and now we’re going to uphold our end of the bargain, their music ain’t nowhere, no more.