Of all the days it was going to pick to rain it had to be this one. We’d been in Austin an entire week and not a drop of rain. We have one party, one day, and what do you know? Coming from Los Angeles where it almost never rains, a little precipitation is usually a welcomed change of pace, it almost feels like a snow day, but when it rains on your party, hell, nobody wants that.

So when I stumbled outside to take out the dog and felt cold and wet upon my face and feet I immediately went into panic mode. We had a plan, we had guests coming, the Perfect Hippie was going to make tacos! It’s also a huge pain in the ass to deal with my dog when he’s wet, but that’s besides the point, this was a major burn. Then I heard the rock and roll coming from the rattling van. Little Hurricane was warming up. The rain wasn’t putting a damper on anything. Our party doesn’t get rained out, it adapts. Because no matter how big the storm outside, we’ve got a roof and four walls to protect the storm that is made inside that van. The only thing little that morning was the drizzle coming from the Austin, TX skies. The hurricane in the van, that was a whole different story, and nobody seemed to mind getting a little damp to hear it.