I guess this was from Day 3 at SXSW. It’s all a blur at this point, as if it wasn’t a blur to begin with. It’s funny, you look back on shit and little sound bites pop up and you nod to yourself and say “yeah, that was a good memory.” Yet there’s nothing concrete there. I heard a musician explain a song the other day with an anectdote of a chance meeting with a homeless person who told him “you close your eyes, and that’s all you’ve got, just that moment.” I know I chastized Jack for being a cheeseball on here the other day, but hey, I guess sometimes he rubs off on me. Not that this story had anything to do with Knox Hamilton, or their music, just, when I listen to it, I can close my eyes and I can remember the moment we were in, back in Texas, in a house that was too big for our britches, with a bunch of strangers who we treated like friends, and a bunch of musicians who we might never see again. It was all good memories, so I’m thinking, maybe the homeless guy was wrong (shocker), maybe you’ve got right now, but you hold on to some other stuff in the back of your eyes too, just a thought. What do you see when you shut your lids on this?