You might see Kermit Ruffins on television this year in the HBO original Treme. You might see him on any given tourism video that the City of New Orleans commissions. You might see him on the Food Network cooking up some fried rabbit and red-beans. The point is you could see him with most everything you come across related to the great Queen City in this day and age. That is because Kermit Ruffins is New Orleans. Plain and simple, he oozes it through his grin. Radiates it through his horn. Cooks it, in his kitchen.

We met this self proclaimed “gourmet chef who knows how to play the trumpet” at his very own Treme Speakeasy. He brought a swingin’ band, replete with a washboard player named Dirty Rice. A beer never left his hand and a smile never faded from his face. He was doing what he loves, playing music, cooking food, surrounding himself with friends. It was a good day, it was New Orleans, and now you can see it, on Jam in the Van.