If you are going to spend two weeks filming musicians in New Orleans, the proper way to culminate the trip would be to finish off at Kermit Ruffins’ Treme Mother In Law Lounge, with Mr. Ruffins and his BBQ Swingers sending you off in true New Orleans fashion. Since that is the proper way to do it, that is exactly what we did. Same as the first time we met Kermit, we were ushered in by his right hand man Dirty Rice, who now just introduced himself as “Rice.” Same as the first time, Kermit was grinning ear to ear when he came up to say hi. We spent our day in his back yard filming musicians while he played host to his family and the locals who came for their post church libations. Then when it was time for him to take his turn inside the rig, well, Kermit says it best, and he says it often… “we PAAARTYYYIN!!!”