Twenty-one years ago my parents told a then eight year old me that we were moving from our loft in New York City to a house in a town called Asheville, in a state called North Carolina. The then eight year old me was interested in only one thing, was there a basketball hoop in the backyard?

There was one, and it’s still there, albeit a bit rusty. It’s one of the few things that remains the same in Asheville. A place that has grown along with me. It went from nothing to something in the blink of an eye. You say it to people now and they know what it is, where it is. That wasn’t the case twenty years ago. This change could possibly be attributed to many things, and I’m sure that’s certainly the case, but I’m going to attribute the growth of this once podunk town into what could be deemed the cultural mecca of the Bible Belt, to music, good, simple, music.

Take for instance Kellin Watson, you may never have heard of her, you may never have had occasion to, but she’s there. Her and all of these other talented people you see in the van in these videos. They’re all there, hanging out in the Blue Ridge Mountains, making music that will probably make you feel good inside. So either book your flight or just press play on these tunes. Both options are gonna get you to a place that you’ll enjoy.