I spent nine years of my existence buried in the Bible Belt. Suffice to say, I was never a fan of country tunes until I split for lefter pastures. The country radio where I grew up, when I grew up, it was mostly some false-twang, if you will. All fluff, nothing legit, just whining about burnt down trailers and achy-breaky hearts.

Come to find out, when you start looking past that, well the word “Country,” if used in reference to a musical genre, can encompass some wonderfully, wonderfully, inspired music.

While admittedly, the lines between what’s country, folk, rock and roll, and of course, just music, are blurrier than our team’s very own Jonny after a vat of Wolfwater, if I’m going to place Jonny Fritz into a category, musically speaking of course, then I’m going to place him under country music. That wonderfully, wonderfully inspired type that I spoke about just prior.

What a splendid surprise it is when artists play songs that all sound different but all make you clap your hands and click your heels alike. That’s what we got this day from Mr. Fritz and his band. Knee slappin, feel good, makes you wanna smile, type music. The kind of tunes that can’t get upstaged by a man dancing around in a gorilla suit. We know this not for lack of trying…