Our buddy Norm from Lagunitas told us “you’ve got to get my homies Jon Wayne and the Pain in the Van!” So naturally, I assumed that Norm and John Wayne and the Pain were homies. When the band showed up and we were doing the typical pre-Jam-Van-Session hang out, I brought up the subject of their homie, Norm. “Which one of you guys knows Norm from Lagunitas?”

Silence and awkward stares followed.

So I tried again, “Norm, big dude with a beard, from Minnesota?”

Still nothing but silence and strange looks.

It turned out that none of them knew Norm. I was left looking a little awkward and as such removed myself from the pre-Jam-Van-Session hang out circle.

Anyways, whether or not they know Norm has no effect on the session whatsoever. It is still exceptionally funky and heady, and Norm, I forgive you for making me look a fool. I mean, let’s be real, if you knew Norm you’d know that there is no way that I could ever be mad at him. At least not for something as trivial as making me look silly in front of a band. I do plenty of that on my own as is… Here’s to hoping that these guys do eventually meet Norm, and as is his norm, he has some Lagunitas beer for them!