You see the man in the scarf in these videos? He’s not Jon Licht, but his name is Jon. He reached out to us about six months ago after having watched a segment about Jam in the Van on the local Los Angeles evening news. At the time we knew nothing about Jon, he was just another faceless email in the stack of emails that we get everyday. He had written in regards to an event that his company was putting together, Live on Green. He thought we’d be a perfect fit… so, to put that in perspective, you have to realize that we get countless invites every month to various different events and I’d venture to guess that about 98% of them come from folks who expect that our company just puts the key in the ignition and magically appears at an event, waves a wand, and a slew of music videos pour out. SPOILER ALERT, that’s not how it works.

Music videos are not cheap, nor is gas for an RV. So needless to say, we do not just magically appear. At any rate, I in my constant skepticism asked Jon a number of times if his company was able to expend budget to have Jam in the Van appear at Live on Green. To which he replied “of course we’ll pay you.” Looking back on it now I certainly feel kind of silly. Jon and his team did more than alright by us. They took damn good care of us and made sure our journey out to Pasadena was a fruitful one (a Fruitocracy filled one in fact)… So we owe that man in the scarf a great deal of gratitude. Not so much for the dollars and cents of the matter, but for the feeling we get every time we cash a check for our services. You see, to this day, five years after we first set out on this journey, it still sends a rush of pride up the spine to know that we created something with our blood, sweat and tears in the backyard and people dig it enough to pay us real money to keep making it happen.

So when we get a chance to say thanks in the best manner that we possibly can, we take that opportunity. So you see that man on the right of the video with the scarf on playing bass for the very talented fella with the guitar? Well, this is our humble gratitude for his efforts in helping our little dream grow a bit bigger this past holiday season. Jon, we are forever grateful that you wanted to dream big with us. Keep on rocking my man!